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Transform Your Leadership with the LCP Assessment

As a leader, you may be facing challenges such as difficulty in motivating your team, managing conflict, or the inability to drive change effectively. Perhaps you're noticing a gap between your intentions and the actual impact of your actions. Or maybe you're new to a leadership role and eager to understand how best to leverage your strengths. In any of these situations, engaging with the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) Assessment can provide valuable insights.

The LCP is a comprehensive leadership assessment tool that measures two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. It's designed to offer a nuanced understanding of both the internal assumptions that drive behavior and their external manifestations. This 360-degree feedback instrument assesses not just what you do, but also who you are as a leader.

What Sets the Leadership Circle Profile Apart?

Unlike traditional assessments that might focus solely on skills or behaviors, the LCP integrates multiple aspects of leadership character and capability. Its framework correlates directly with business performance metrics such as profitability, employee engagement, and organizational health. This holistic approach helps explain why certain behaviors are effective or limit effectiveness. The LCP captures the interplay between traits, distinguishing it from other assessments that offer a more one-dimensional view.

Benefits of the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment

After taking the LCP, leaders will have access to a rich set of data points and insights:

  • Self-Awareness: A clear picture of how your self-concept aligns with the perceptions of your colleagues.

  • Strengths and Gaps: Identification of areas where you excel and where there is potential for growth.

  • Balance Between Task and People Orientation: Insight into your ability to strategize and execute while maintaining strong relationships.

  • Integration of Behavior and Internal Assumptions: Understanding of how your inner world shapes your leadership style.

  • Strategic Development Path: A tailored path for your development based on a sophisticated analysis of your results.

With this deep understanding, leaders will be empowered to craft a personal development plan that targets specific areas for improvement. You'll be equipped to transform reactive behaviors into creative competencies that foster an environment of innovation and agility. As a result of this transformation, leaders often find they can achieve better results with less effort and experience improved relationships both within and outside of the workplace.

In summary, the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment offers leaders a unique and insightful lens through which they can observe and enhance their own leadership. By taking advantage of this resource, you can step into your full potential as a leader, poised to meet the complex demands of today's business landscape.


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