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Designed Retreats


Whether it’s occurring as an on-site, off-site, or virtual retreat, we can help you bring your people together in a way that not only builds stronger team cohesion, but also builds your team's ability to collaborate, communicate, and create together. Our expert facilitators have supported leadership teams, matrixed teams, and geographically and culturally diverse teams with the sometimes tricky business of creating a convening that is inclusive, productive, and energizing for participants to attend. 

Team Kick-Off / Refresh

Whether the team is brand new or has been around for a while but gained or lost members recently, a team kick-off or refresh allows you to jumpstart your team’s success. Our skilled facilitators know how to incorporate meaningful team building with strategic goal setting. This retreat sets the stage for a productive and cohesive team dynamic.


Realistic Workload Planning

A healthy organization understands that burnout is a structural problem and not an individual problem. Proactively burnout and boost productivity with our Realistic Workload Planning Retreat. Teams come together and, through interactive activities and discussion, reconcile all the things they want to do with the actual number of hours in a day. 

Priorities Alignment Retreat

Teams that have interdependent priorities have to spend time planning how they’ll support each other. Align your team's priorities for maximum impact with our Priorities Alignment Retreat, where team members come together to clarify objectives, streamline workflows, and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. Through focused discussions and interactive activities, this retreat helps teams prioritize efforts and achieve collective goals. 

Board Retreats

Stagnant communication, diverging visions, and unclear goals can hinder board effectiveness and organizational progress. With our expert facilitation, we help create cohesion and strategic alignment among board members, allowing them to tackle complex issues head-on. A well designed and facilitated board retreat will ensure better collaboration, clarity, and tangible solutions for organizational success.

Interested in a designed retreat, but not sure if that’s actually what you need? [Check out this pre-design checklist to get started]

What Clients Say

"Our facilitator was fabulous! She was able to control the group while giving us the time and space to discuss important issues. Thank you!"

Conferences and Summits

Transform your event into a memorable and impactful experience 


​​Our expert team specializes in creating dynamic and immersive experiences that foster meaningful connections among attendees while harnessing the collective wisdom of the group to address key challenges and drive innovation.

Spark creativity, collaboration, and dialogue 

We craft interactive sessions, workshops, and activities that engage participants on multiple levels. Whether it's through thought-provoking discussions, hands-on exercises, or immersive simulations, we create environments that encourage attendees to share insights, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships.

Harness the collective intelligence 

Our facilitators are skilled in guiding large groups through complex problem-solving processes, leveraging the collective intelligence of participants to generate innovative solutions and actionable outcomes. By harnessing the diverse perspectives and expertise present at your event, we help unlock new possibilities and drive tangible results. 

With our Experience Design and Facilitation Services, your conference or summit will be more than just a gathering – it will be a transformative experience that leaves attendees inspired, energized, and ready to make a real difference. Let us partner with you to create an event that exceeds expectations and delivers lasting impact.​

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