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Organizational Health

“An organization has integrity – is healthy – when it is whole, consistent, and complete, that is, when its management, operations, strategy, and culture fit together and make sense.”

- Patrick Lencioni 

"[Joyedele Consulting is] supportive and effective at providing feedback and determining the root cause of an issue. [They're] not afraid of providing honest feedback and willing to work collaboratively to find a practical approach for moving forward."

- Branch Chief, Career Management, TSA

Organizational Health Assessment

A healthy organization is one that is equipped to learn, can identify and take action on critical issues, and can recover quickly from mistakes. Our Organizational Health Assessment looks at how your leadership, teamwork, culture, strategy, and communications are either working together or working against each other. We then help you turn that knowledge into a plan for change that’s actually achievable. 

Strategy Development

Strategy is only strategic if it helps you say no to things. Our experienced consultants have worked with clients across industries to develop strategic roadmaps that provide clarity for the organization while still being flexible enough to match the pace of change. Even the best strategies are ultimately useless if they sit on a shelf. We know what it takes to ensure your strategy lives and breathes within your organization. 

Financial Sustainability

A healthy organization is capable of generating and managing financial resources effectively over the long term. Our expert advisors specialize in identifying and addressing areas of financial vulnerability, ensuring sustainable funding streams for long-term success. We support organizations in creating a fundraising strategy that’s aligned with their theory of change and has the necessary internal structures and processes to be sustainable.

Change Management Advising

We specialize in assisting organizations in implementing changes to their culture, processes, and organizational arrangements. Through tailored strategies and methodologies, we help organizations effectively manage transitions, mitigate resistance, and foster employee engagement. Our approach emphasizes collaboration, communication, and stakeholder involvement to ensure successful change adoption and long-term organizational health. 

Financial Sus
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