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Audrey Chow, MSNCR

Audrey Chow, MSNCR



Associate Consultant

Specialties: Project Management, Conflict Resolution

Audrey Chow is an Associate Consultant with a diverse background in project management, operations, and human capital development. With a focus on learning and development, performance management, leadership development, change management, and process improvement, Audrey has honed her expertise in creating people-first environments that empower individuals to flourish.

Throughout her career, Audrey has demonstrated her commitment to unlocking human potential by developing competency assessments that support individuals' growth and career paths. She has also designed and implemented effective leadership training programs tailored to first-time managers, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

Education plays a crucial role in Audrey's journey as an Organization Development Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from Southern Methodist University, which provided her with a strong foundation for understanding human behavior in organizational settings. Audrey further pursued her passion for leadership and conflict resolution by earning a Master's degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Creighton University. Currently, Audrey is pursuing her PhD in Organizational Psychology, deepening her knowledge and expertise in the field.

Driven by a belief in the power of strengths-based approaches, Audrey strives to create systems that enable human flourishing within organizations. Her focus on developing people's strengths and talents ensures that individuals can thrive in their roles, leading to improved performance and organizational success.

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