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Rabiah Muhammad, PhD, CPCC

Rabiah Muhammad, PhD, CPCC




Specialties: Leadership Development, Coaching, Assessment Design

Through a decade-plus journey across various federal agencies (DoD Army Civilian, Transportation Security Administration, and Department of Veterans Affairs), and consulting engagements, Dr. Muhammad's path has been paved with a mission to help people craft and succeed in their careers. She has led projects focused on refining hiring practices, energizing training programs, and sparking employee engagement across small and large organizations.

On a large and small scale, she works with organizations and people to identify gaps in skills and collaborate on closing those gaps. For individuals, this typically involves clarifying goals, goal setting, interview/resume review, and training. For organizations, this often involves workforce planning, leadership development/succession planning, and assessment building training planning. Both approaches focus on understanding needs and goals, not making assumptions, actively listening for understanding, and co-crafting strategies that flourish within their time and resources.

Dr. Muhammad is deeply committed to guiding individuals through career planning, transitions, college planning, and scholarship/grant development. Often, it's not about starting big; it's about starting right. Together, they prioritize, timeline, and align to transform ambition into tangible achievements. She is particularly passionate about helping women of color and minorities remove barriers to their success. Dr. Muhammad likes to translate her technical/research skill into a practical approach to help people identify paths forward that align with their own values and aspirations.

Dr. Rabiah S. Muhammad is a Senior Research Personnel Psychologist at the Office of Personnel Management, assisting the federal government through the ever-evolving landscape of employee engagement, leadership and career development, and inclusive ethical workplaces. She is also a Certified Professional Career Coach. Born and raised in Phoenix, she launched her academic and professional development during her undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. Dr. Muhammad swapped the desert vistas for the East Coast to earn her PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland.

When not in metro DC, she loves to travel, having visited over 40 countries so far, and hopes to reach Antarctica in the next 10 years. When not working, she is a voracious reader (actively involved in 3 monthly book clubs), enjoys game nights with friends and family, and is supervised by her 14-pound poodle mix, Ida.

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