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Data-Informed Narrative for DEI

Data-Informed Narrative for DEI
Grounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in data allows organizations to identify where inequities exist and the impact of their efforts over time, leading to more targeted and effective solutions that promote equity and belonging.

Fraud Investigations Group (FIG) | Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

The Context

The Fraud Investigations Group is an office of 70 people spread out among 4 regional field offices and a headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Leadership had spent the past year building psychological safety within teams and creating a work environment grounded in inclusion. The organization had done a lot of great work but didn’t have an understanding of what impact the work was actually having for employees. Additionally, they were struggling to understand where they needed to focus their energy moving forward. Previous attempts at gathering data had left them with more questions than answers and they were struggling to piece together the narrative of their progress on their DEI goals.

Our Approach

Joyedele Consulting partnered with the organization to develop a pulse survey that would gather feedback from all staff around the impact of the initiative over the past year. We worked with FIG leadership to create a concrete definition of what inclusion looks like within FIG. Armed with that definition we designed a survey that assessed inclusive behaviors at every level of leadership and between peer groups. Additionally, we were able to gather specific examples from staff about what inclusive behavior looked like currently within the organization and ideas for what leadership and managers could do to take inclusivity to the next level.

The Result

As a result of this engagement, FIG leadership walked away with a much clearer understanding of what interventions would actually foster greater inclusion and employee engagement within their organization. Leadership was now able tell a clear story of the impact and path forward for their DEI journey.

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