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Reconnecting to the Mission

Reconnecting to the Mission
Coming together outside of their day to day routine allowed this team of eight to build stronger relationships, align on goals, strengthen team culture, and create a sense of excitement and momentum for the work ahead.

Career Management Branch (CMB) | Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The Context

The Career Management Branch formed in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This offsite was the team’s first chance to meet each other in person, cohere as a group, and create a shared understanding of their mission. CMB Leadership approached Joyedele Consulting to lead structured discussions to ultimately help them function more efficiently and effectively as a team.

Our Approach

Joyedele Consulting designed and facilitated a fun and interactive three-day offsite for this team, which strengthened their team dynamics and their connection to the goals and mission of the branch. Using the DiSC assessment, we found that participants deepened their self-awareness around their personal working style and learned about the styles of their coworkers. Through different interactive activities, team members built a more robust understanding of how their individual projects functioned interdependently. Team members developed a branch-specific logic model that maps the relationship between the activities of the branch and the larger systemic outcomes they are working to achieve.

The Result

As a result of this offsite, team members can now define strategies for working together more effectively and practice new ways of collaborating together. They’ve moved away from a dynamic in which they waited for the branch chief to tell them what to do and toward a dynamic where they take ownership and initiative on their own.

“My team has put a lot more effort into taking ownership of their work which has relieved me of trying to hover over them and being able to focus on other projects. I wouldn't have thought that it would happen quickly or effectively and some team members are further along than others but it is great progress. I think they have more tools to work with and so do I.”

- Rabiah Muhammad, Branch Chief, Career Management Branch, TSA

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